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Temple Under Construction Ministries Presents:

"Yo - Yo to Yes Lord!"

7 Day Jumpstart to Our

52 Week Philosophy

it's a PERMANENT Lifestyle

Are you the one out of 2 Americans who gained an average of 29 pounds during the Covid pandemic? Have you gained and lost the same 10 pounds more than twice? Have you tried lot's of things, you got rid of the pounds, but the pounds came back with their friends! Do you have a closet full of sexy and sassy clothes that no longer fit?

Are you overweight BUT malnourished? Your cravings may be telling you something serious! Are your joints aching from carrying that excessive amount of weight?

It’s time for you to try God! Use T.H.E. P.O.W.E.R. O.F. G.O.D. instead of your weak will power with this New PHILOSOPY for permanent wellness and weight control. Making GOD your DAILY accountability partner, and doing 3 things for 10 minutes 3x/day total 30 minutes per day for 52 weeks! No dieting or strenuous workouts! You did not gain the weight in 30 days or even 6 months. it took you a year, so give yourself a year to reach your healthy weight for GOD and for GOOD!

The goal is to drop ½ pound per week. That will be 26 pounds in 1 year. Stop focusing on losing weight. YOU can focus on being healthy. YOU can focus on being an excellent role model. YOU can focus on being an excellent steward of God's GIFT to you. Your body is a GIFT from God. What YOU do with your body is YOUR GIFT to God. Stop running it into the ground! Become a "Temple Renovator" and stop desecrating God's holy temple. He doesn't like that. 1 Corinthians 3:17

This 52 weeks will get you well on the way to being Independent, Impactful, In Shape and SPRY way past 65. These simple, LOW IMPACT, movements can be tweaked for your fitness level and goals.

Feed Your FAITH more than Your FACE, and the weight will run aay from you!

Share a picture of your face with your testimonial in our facebook group for weekly PRIZES!

This "52 Week Philosophy" promises to improve YOUR quality of life as you age. Establish your self sustainig habits. It's not about being cute, it's about being healthy. "You become what you repeatedly do (say, eat, drink and think), so excellence is not an act, it's a habit." Aristotle.

Being overweight is a known risk factor for many serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, depression, dental disease, sleep apnea, liver and kidney disease, cancer and limited life expectancy. Obesity also WORSENS OUTCOMES from Covid-19 according to research by the CDC, NIH and WHO.

**Marcy is so confident that GOD will show up in your life and turn things around that she GUARANTEES that if you are not happy with your results after 30 days of consistently practicing your "3 Daily Habits", she will refund your money and you can keep the "Welcome Kit" as her gift to you!

3 Habits (S.E.W.) for 10 minutes 3 Times/ per Day = 30 minutes/ per Day for 52 Weeks

S- Speak

First Thing in the Morning for 10 minutes while "Earthing or Grounding":

1. Pray: the “Temple Transformation Prayer”

2. Read and/or Write: a scripture, book or guided journal.

3. Declare: Say the “Declaration of Independence from Overeating” pledge, acknowledging God as your #1 Accountability Partner (AP) daily,

E- Exercise

Anytime during the day for 10 minutes:

1. Heel Drop: Stand up straight. Lift and drop your heels for 3 minutes.

2. Abs Vacuum: While standing pull your abs tight, pulling your belly button towards your spine for 3 minutes (in 2,3,4; hold 2,3,4 relax 2,3,4).

3. Stocking Pull: Sit in a chair. Hold each end of a sock or knee high stocking. Pull in multiple directions for 4 minutes (see video in facebook group).

Bedtime for 10 minutes with "Legs up the Wall" do these 3 things simultaneously

(see video in facebook group):

1. Deep Breathe (in 2,3,4; hold 2,3,4 relax 2,3,4)

2. Abs Vacuum (in 2,3,4; hold 2,3,4 relax 2,3,4)

3. Kegels (in 2,3,4; hold 2,3,4 relax 2,3,4)

W- Water

Drink at least 2 quarts of water daily, with goal of half your weight in ounces of water.


- Drink "Fat Coffee" daily

- Drink at least 2 Quarts of non- carbonated water daily (goal is half of your body weight in ounces per day)

- Smoothie fast on Wednesdays

- Check in with a human AP daily (or our Facebook group)

- Complete one “Temple Renovation” journal page daily

- Brush your teeth and stop eating at 8 PM (2 hours before bedtime)

- Eat something green at every meal and snack

Foundation Scriptures:

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17 KJV

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:1-2 KJV

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6 KJV

Download your "Yo-Yo to Yes Lord! 1-2-3 x7 Challenge" eBook immediately and start TODAY!

Receive "Welcome Kit" in mail (in 10-14 days)

Annual Membership Includes:

Weekly LIVE support group

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YOU Name Your Annual Investment!

What is it worth to YOU

Achieve YOUR "Ideal Weight" Goals

AND to be

Independent, Impactful and In Shape

for MANY years to come???

Cancel Anytime

Keep the "Welcome Kit"

Results Guaranteed**

**When you follow the plan consistently for 30 days

"The more you pay, the more you pay attention!" Nick Unsworth- Life on Fire Challenge



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